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If you think you have a lot of questions about auto body work, you're not the only one. Fortunately, the team at WRG & Associates Autobody and Collision Repair is here to answer all your questions. One of our skilled mechanics can also answer any specific questions you have about your vehicle at our auto body shop in Charlotte, North Carolina.

5 general questions about auto body work

You don't have to visit our auto body shop to ask general collision repair questions. We'll answer them for you here. Here are 5 frequently asked questions we get:

1.What do I need to do to maintain my vehicle's warranty?

You should get your car or truck serviced at the times specified in your owner's manual and document all your vehicle's maintenance appointments.

2.If I'm leasing my vehicle, am I responsible for maintenance?

Yes, you're still responsible for maintenance and repairs.

3.What parts should I replace and how often?

It depends. Your owner's manual will tell you exactly which parts should be replaced and at what intervals.

4.Is the quality of aftermarket parts about the same as original ones?

There isn't a clear answer for this one. In some cases, aftermarket parts may be manufactured by the same supplier and even warrantied for longer.

5.If I have a warranty-related problem with the dealership, what are my rights?

You can speak with their customer service department about any issues you're experiencing.

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