Rev Your Engines!

Rev Your Engines!

Take your car to an auto repair shop in Charlotte, NC

When your engine starts to fail, your car becomes unusable. Fortunately, WRG & Associates Automotive is here for you when your engine breaks down. We have the means to repair, rebuild or replace the engine in your car. We work with all makes and models at our auto shop in Charlotte, NC.

Call 704-332-7552 today to speak with a qualified mechanic about your car.

3 signs you need to have your engine serviced

Do you think it might be time to repair or replace your engine? Here are a few reasons to consider it:

• Your check engine light is on. This can happen for all kinds of reasons, but it’s always a good excuse to have a professional mechanic take a look under your hood.
• Your car makes a lot of noise when you start it up. Hissing, spitting and banging noises aren’t sounds you want to hear from your engine.
• Your engine keeps running after you’ve turned off your ignition. This can indicate some specific engine issues, all of which require a professional to fix.

If any of these things are happening to your vehicle, bring it to the expert mechanics at WRG & Associates Automotive ASAP.